extérieur distillerie cabanne et fils

Certifications and recognition

Our values

” Thanks to the work and involvement of my teams, we have integrated CSR to achieve the confirmed level of ISO 26000 certification. Today, we want to consolidate and strengthen our achievements. The ambition of CABANNE ET FILS SA is to share our experience to encourage and convince our partners to engage in a CSR approach. Thus, all together, each at our own level, we remain hopeful of offering a better world to future generations. “


Vignoble Distillerie Cabanne et Fils

Our main objectives are to satisfy our customers and offer quality products and services in line with our environmental and societal values.

Aware of its heritage and the one it prepares for future generations, the CABANNE ET FILS distillery is sensitive to respect for the environment and its preservation. Since 2017, we have been committed to various certifications, allowing us to grow, respect the environment and assure consumers of the quality and safety of our products.

In order to always satisfy our customers, we are committed to a policy of continuous improvement.

Our certifications

Norme ISO 9001


The satisfaction of our customers being a key point of our philosophy, this standard makes it possible to guarantee our ability to provide quality products and services in accordance with your expectations and legal and regulatory requirements. We guarantee you the increase of your satisfaction by the application of defined processes.

Norme ISO 14001


Adherence to this standard makes it possible to officially record a behavior already adopted by the society. We seek to minimize the negative impacts of our activities by respecting the legal requirements, our prefectural decree and by integrating the notion of sustainable development in each of our projects.

Norme ISO 22000


As food safety has been at the heart of our concerns since 2001 by having introduced HACCP on our production, storage and transport processes, it is naturally that we are committed to the safety and verification of our products.

Norme RSE - CSR


Concerned about the societal, environmental and economic evolution of our Society and wanting to contribute to its building, we constantly seek to contribute to the 17 sustainable development goals. It is with others that we do great things.