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Cabanne Family

Our history

A journey, an history

The history of the CABANNE family began in 1810 when François CABANNE, his wife and their two children left Vienne to settle in Charente. Welcoming and warm land, the family will then grow and take root there through its many marriages. The first of them, and the most symbolic because of its location, takes place in 1839, in the small town of Bourg-Charente and unites François’ son with a lovely Charente woman.

It is from this meaningful place that the story of the CABANNE family will begin.

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From generation to generation, from cultivator to distiller

distillerie Cabanne et Fils

Upon arrival in Charente, the CABANNE family devoted themselves to cultivating the land, then, from generation to generation, each member of the family came to contribute to the building and develop the family home. In 1844, Jean-Célestin developed the agricultural activity, it was then taken over by his son, Philémon, who developed and implemented distillation. With three stills, the distillery is one of the most endowed for the time.

Four generations later, it is equipped with fifteen stills and is one of the most important in the Charente region. Thanks to the investment granted by each member of the CABANNE family, the house has been able to grow and become a tradition and a true family heritage.

A legacy and an unlimited passion

Today, the company is managed by Alexis CABANNE, also Cellar Master. He represents the fourth generation, his investment in the activity reflects a passion that is linked through his speech and his motivations. A desire to constantly develop and modernize CABANNE ET FILS distillery, and thus make its ancestors proud.

Alexis Cabanne

Between tradition and modernity

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“Our state of mind defines us”, it is from this premise that the CABANNE family has committed itself to different certifications. The vineyard is CEC certified (Cognac Environmental Certification). The latter comes from the HVE (High Environmental Value) attesting to a recognized and ambitious level of environmental performance in the Cognac appellation. A viticulture of excellence, generating value and protecting the environment and resources is practiced in the vineyard.

The CABANNE ET FILS distillery is labeled CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) according to the ISO 26000 standard, reflecting its interest in the environment. It brings together all the practices put in place in order to respect the principles of sustainable development, that is to say to be economically viable, to have a positive impact on society but also to better respect the environment.